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She was actually only out with her girlfriends that night so they could bid her farewell. In order for you to do that, you should first establish rapport.Most dating experts will advise men to exert confidence, build up their self-esteem and perhaps improve their looks and assertiveness.Scientists recently identified the traits the most attractive Tinder photos all have in common, and what works for Tinder will work just as well on Ok Cupid.Here is the formula for achieving maximum attractiveness in a dating photo: Even if your face could get you hired as Brad Pitt’s stunt double, if it doesn’t display correctly you don’t have much of a chance.Next, watch to notice if she is smiling or laughing? ” or “what brought her to the establishment or event ? The key is to keep her interest and illicit a conversation with her that either gets her to express her thoughts, feelings or emotions.” If her drink is empty you might say something like “I was on the way to the bar to get myself another drink, I was wondering if I could get you another drink? If you ask her a question about the event and her response is, “I think it’s great! If her response is, “I feel like it could have been better,” she a feeling person.Approach number 3: You continue to babble randomly in spite of the rude comments her friends are making.You are determined not to let anything get in your way.

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Even if you are a feeling person and she is a thinking person, you will know how to communicate with her.

Here’s an example, let us say, you and your mates are out at a pub and you see a beautiful woman sitting across the bar with her friends.

She has all the physical attributes that you require. So, without hesitation, you walk across the bar to strike up a conversation.

Fast forward a few days later: You make a decision to finally call her.

However, during the conversation, you discover that she is relocating to another city in a few days because of a recent breakup that she had with her boyfriend who she was engaged to for six years!!! Here is the best way to approach a woman you really like: First and foremost, in order for a woman to consider dating you, you should meet her on her level, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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