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If you’re reading this curled up in a ball in your bathtub crying into a bowl of ramen over an ex-boyfriend, don’t worry. I know because I see it posted on anonymous confession apps like Whisper and Secret everyday—along with pregnancy shockers, cheating escapades, and a million other little forays into the guilty conscience. Share your own secret, or just live vicariously through these 16 astonishing dating confessions!Suddenly feeling inspired to share your own Whisper confession, or have others you think we should see? Unfortunately this note has a very scratchy effect on my nose so i'm not a fan, but I can objectly say that this blend is a good one! The opening is very syrupy-sweet and an intended "chemical accord" slaps you in the face.It does very LIGHTLY resemble the scent of poppers. Unforgettable 90´s perfume gem, a sign of that times. Rush is a LOUD & ULTIMATE PEACH /yes, I know, dirty patchouli & waxy flowers included - but that peach rules/, terrible & amazing at once, alluring & annoying at once, carefree with funky vibes. Fragrance -Gucci Rush Gucci Bottle from - 2015 This fragrance reminds me of a bit wild and passionate woman looking for some fun after the sun goes down.Eventually, Rush settles down into light white florals that frame a sultry peach syrup accord and “something plastic.” I would really love this if it had less sweetness... Rush opens with a burst of heavy,loud,synthetic in a good way,sweet and a bit unusual plastic flowers mingled with creamy peach and with a wisper of bitter patchouli lurking at the edges.I can detect a nice touch of gardenia and rose but jasmine is the strongest flower in the bouquet.As time goes by,a bit warm vanilla starts to emerge, softening the harshness of the bitter patchouli.

There are tons of secrets about a million different things on Whisper, but I went through the relationship section and found a bunch of crazy confessions about cheating and betrayal you guys need to read to believe.This is the definition of sexy for me; floral, fruity, yet spicy in some way and very potent.You will definitely get noticed with this perfume since the sillage is heavy.I could have sworn there is an incence note in this one! The song which can describe it for me : this is Cher- Believe and some Vaia Con Dios stuff and some Roxette. I didn't turn into a red rectangle :( Rush does have nuances of “poppers” and it is coupled with a carnal peach accord.Probably the coriander that gives this smokey effect! This peach accord is very suggestive, in my opinion.

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