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Recently, when Moore was asked about this relationship, he completely denied it. Additionally, he also appeared on ‘Criminal Minds’ as Derek Morgan from 2005 to 2016. Furthermore, he also said, His last quote has made everyone clear that he is not having a relationship with Phaedra. Since he is a matured man and has no any girlfriend and children, it’s quite obvious in the modern time to address a celebrity as a gay. Recently, he posted a video on Instagram addressing his gay rumors and relationship with Phaedra. When a viewer asked Parks about the type of man she was after. With some gay rumors floating around, Moore’s action in the Andy Cohen’s show was bound to be famous and so it did. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 @balleralert @theshaderoom A post shared by Shemar Moore (@shemarfmoore) on Isn’t it a desire for a man to enjoy his life in peace and maybe without any relationship? To be more specific, Moore seems like that kind of man who doesn’t want to be involved in any sort of relationships.

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Phaedra got fired by Bravo earlier this year after spreading a malicious rumor about a RHOA castmate, falsely claiming they had planned to drug and rape Porsha Williams.

Your baby daddy is in prison, you got fired from your only job that actually pays money, and you have to take jobs making appearances in a gay cowboy night club in Las Vegas. Tons of photos of Phaedra all alone in Mexico, on her birthday. In between her “photo shoots” where she poses alone on a beach in a full face of makeup, or where she poses alone in a hotel hallway in a full face of make up, or alone in a limo in a full face of makeup looking at empty champagne glasses for people who are not there, she starts posting Shemar Moore photos.

Oh and you take a trip to Mexico for your birthday and take a MUA with you to get your ready for all the photos that MUA is going to take. When the hosts ask him if he’d like to date her, he very politely said no.

After appearing on the Andy Cohen’s show the two celebrities, Shemar Moore and Phaedra Parks went viral on the internet.

The following video is more than enough to address their popularity. No wonder why the internet was so obsessed with this incident.

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