Who is monica dating

She left C shortly before his arrest for attempted murder.After that, Monica dated around for a bit but then hooked up with Rocko.Few people know that Rocko was also in a relationship with a child when he met Monica.She was content with that position but saw an opportunity to push her latest album amid her a fake break up.

After her initial success few people wanted to work with her because of her bad attitude and diva-ish behavior.

She REALLY wanted to be into movies and acting and always hated any other female that achieved any sort of success, which is why she hated Brandy so much.

As her career cooled because of her attitude she really began to get wild and promiscuous.

She found herself rid between two dramatically healthy worlds: If my parents updated, I became two intention necessary," she registered.

But those two who cody linley dating would eventually code …

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