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The fact that Elkanah loved Hannah and bestowed a double portion upon her only added more fuel to the fire of contempt in Peninnah’s heart. Barren, she still believed, and her pain found a refuge in prayer.In God’s house, she besought the Creator “to raise her into the empire of motherhood,” and to interfere with the law of nature on her behalf.Name Meaning—The Hebrew setting of Hannah has the beautiful and attractive meaning of “gracious” or “graciousness” or “favor” and by a slight change becomes the smoother Ann, Anne, or Anna—the latter form touching the classic world with keen interest.Anna was the name given by Virgil to the twin-souled sister of the lovelorn Queen Dido.How his hasty, ill-founded conclusions added gall to the sorrow of her heart.

Whenever her husband tried to comfort her stricken heart, her adversary was provoked to fresh insults and taunts.“Go in peace, and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition that thou hast asked of him.” Down she went to her house content for she believed.She was no longer forlorn, sorrowful, heart-hungry, but joyous and buoyant.She cried day and night unto the Lord, and was heard in that she feared Him whom her soul loved.Because of her godliness, devotion, trust, patience and self-sacrifice, she came to be signally blessed of the Lord, and, in turn, communicated to her renowned son Samuel something of her saintliness of life and character.

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