When to become intimate dating

It happens when you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down and share feelings that you’ve never shared with anyone else before, or when they see you at your lowest point and are still there to support you. Flick through vacation photos or recall your first date. Or if you’re a relatively new couple, share memories from your childhood that reveal the story of who you are. What would it take for both of you to feel content with a resolution?

It’s when you experience comfortable silences – not needing to fill every space with words, but being content just being with each other. Plan it together (even if there’s no way that you can afford it, play pretend and plan it anyway). Couples who actively involve themselves in the betterment of their relationship (rather than ignoring problems) generally feel more connected and loving towards each other overall.

Other parts of the intimacy equation include emotional intimacy, intellectual intimacy, recreational intimacy (such as sharing hobbies), spiritual intimacy and creative intimacy (such as working on a shared project).

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By Anastasia Amour Have you ever felt like you’re having trouble getting close to your partner?

Do you feel like there’s a little extra “something” that’s missing; holding you back from being fully connected to one another? It’s natural for most couples to experience difficulties in feeling closer to each other at some point and this can be caused by a whole range of reasons, such as financial problems, pressures from work/friends/family, lack of communication with one another or unmatched expectations.

When you foster an environment where both of you feel loved and appreciated, intimacy will flow freely. The more opportunities you have to just talk, the closer you’ll begin to feel.

When you talk, allow yourselves to communicate free of agenda. Talk about anything and everything – you’ll often find that the topics that have the capability to unlock something truly special for both of you occur spontaneously.

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