Wanda jesus dating

On the week of June 14, 2010, she prepared her introduction on All My Children as Iris Blanco, the mayor of Pine Valley.

In 2010, De Jesus was troupe as the head of the police group on Law & Order: Los Angeles, but the character – which had previously been reformed significantly before De Jesus combined – was altered again and reshot with a different actress after two episodes had been recorded. She has been questioned so many times, and even the most personal of question cannot make her loose her smile. There are numerous wiki sites, which have information on her.

Talking about her personal matters and life, it has been as perfect as her career.

Later on, she attended The Leonard Davis Centre for Performing Arts which is an affiliate of New York City College.

While at the school, she participated in so many plays and drama which led her to make her Broadway debut..

She was born in the year 1958 on 26th of August, and this makes her age 57 at this time.

At this age, she still looks like 25 years old, and her sex appeal can still turn many males on.

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