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Bogey British/Australian term for a truck (wheelset) on a piece of rolling stock.Industry BR QR SAR Interactive scenery component placed on a route.TRS2006 CMP CCP DS Click LMB Click RMB Click LMB H Click RMB H Zoom Compass Red Lights Green Lights KUID/KUID2 Turnout Switch Driver Consist Loco Vehicle Route Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 Content Manager Plus Content Creator Plus Download Station Click on the left mouse button Click on the right mouse button Click on the left mouse button and hold it down Click on the right mouse button and hold it down Zooming in or out using the mouse wheel or Page Up/Page Down keys The three-dimensional compass cursor in Surveyor.Red LED-like buttons Green LED-like buttons Unique identifier for an object To simplify things this refers to a point or a junction, so as not to confuse it with a switch lever, which is used to control a turnout.The team at Auran wish to thank you for purchasing this evolutionary product and we trust you will not only enjoy what’s in the box, but that you will also join the rapidly growing online Trainz community to expand and enhance your experience.

Don’t forget to turn your virus scanner back on once the instaiiation is over.

British Rail Queensland Rail South Australian Railways Tip: Train terminology varies greatly throughout the world (even between English speaking nations), so please take note of any unfamiliar terms in this section.

5 - Installation Before installing, ensure that you have sufficient disk space (of at least 4GB) and that you have no other programs running.

To gain a deeper understanding of each module and component, and to make the most out of your Trainz experience, there are a number of other Guides included in this manual.

As Trainz is constantly evolving, you should also visit the online community section of the Trainz website to discover more about the latest updates and improvements.

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