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previously we have already seen that how these parsers works in detail.

Application output will look like below snap: package com.g2.

We've even included them, pre-configured, so you can start Java based XML development right out of the box!

Stylus Studio® supports both DTD and XML Schema based XML document validation using any Java XML parser — just open an XML document, associate a DTD or XML Schema, then click "Validate" from the XML editor toolbar (the green checkmark icon).

Stylus Studio®'s extensible XML validation architecture allows you to add different XML parsers (illustrated below), enables seamless editing of XML documents within Stylus Studio® using your preferred XML parser, integrated with all of Stylus Studio®'s advanced XML editing features.

Additionally, Stylus Studio® supports an open XSLT processor architecture (illustrated below), allowing you to seamlessly edit, debug, profile and visually map XSLT files using any underlying XSLT processor.

* @param reading Additional Cfg * Are we reading the additional Cfg. * @throws XMLStream Exception * @throws Illegal Argument Exception * @throws SAXException * @throws IOException */ private static Stereotype Check Configuration read(File file, String checkstyle Stereotype Xsd, Stereotype Check Configuration additional Check Cfg, boolean reading Additional Cfg) throws XMLStream Exception, Illegal Argument Exception, SAXException, IOException /** * Test is extra schema can be loaded to the schema registry and whether the file compliant to that * schema can be validated.

Just before we start parsing the XML document, we specify the XML Schema file by using the set Attribute(JAXP_SCHEMA_SOURCE,...) of the factory.Select from a combo-box of available XML parsers including Apache Xerces-J, a popular Java XML parser, to validate the current XML document (shown below).Stylus Studio®'s XML editor includes many powerful features including intelligent XML Schema/DTD aware XML editing, various XML editing views, an XML indenter and much more!*/ @Test public void validate Access Controll Schema() throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXException, IOException /** * Helper method that returns a validator for our XSD, or null if the current Java * implementation can't process XSD schemas. * See */ private Validator get Validator(int version) throws SAXException /** * Helper method that returns a validator for our Addon XSD * * @param version The version number, in range * @param handler A .If null the default will be used, * which will most likely print errors to stderr.

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