Updating to 10 5 6

Navigate to Virus and thread protection settings scroll down to "Controller folder access" to enable it.This determines what programs can make changes to your protected folders, which by default mostly contains your documents, pictures, etc. This will block apps that Windows deems unfriendly unless you add them to a whitelist.Two of the biggest new features do just that, while the third main ingredient provides better means of sharing content to nearby devices.Windows 10 April 2018 Update also delivers a huge lineup of enhancements and improvements to Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Windows Ink, Windows Mixed Reality, and more.

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Finally, we can tweet with emoji from our desktops.HDR PC monitors are still extremely rare, but HDR TVs are now quite common, and monitors will arrive before long. If you have an HDR monitor plugged in, you can see details under Display settings HDR and advanced color settings.Okay, this is a pretty small one, but if you're regularly doing currency conversions like we are, it's nifty.If you want to download the update yourself and it hasn't already rolled out to your system, Windows 10's Task Manager is already a comprehensive tool compared to the Task Manager of old, but Microsoft's now made it even better.The Fall update adds GPU monitoring to the performance tab, alongside CPU, memory, disk and Internet usage.

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