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Priming a clean surface will ensure that your paint color is well bonded to the VOG panel walls.

Again, you have one of three options when choosing a primer: oil-based, acrylic or a two-in-one primer and paint base.

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From a glance, VOG can resemble finished drywall, and the biggest and most noticeable difference is the batten strips that connect the two panels together at the seam.

Painting VOG can be a tricky task but with our step by step guide, you’ll be able to paint over vinyl wall boards like a pro!

When it comes to painting vinyl manufactured home walls, you really want to get the best of the best in primers, paints and tools.

If you like a challenge and choose the latter, you can learn more about this process from an experienced home remodele First things first, you must clean the area that will be painted.

Your painted vinyl mobile home walls will last longer and shine brighter for years if you take this simple and easy step!

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