Updating password

The machine account password change is initiated by the computer every 30 days by default .Since Windows 2000, all versions of Windows have the same value.The Netlogon service on the client computer is responsible for doing this.This is only applicable if the machine is turned off for such a long time.If you have a problem with your account and are unable to access your emails we will not be able to email you with advice. Confirm your current control panel password, then enter, and confirm your new email address in the text boxes provided. We will send a confirmation email to your new email address.This email will contain a link to ensure that you have access to the mailbox.

Select one of the links below to jump to a query: Outlook has had a couple of facelifts over the years, but the process for updating your password hasn't really changed in that time.To log into your account, we ask you to confirm your email address and password.If you ever misplace your password you can re-set this by answering a security question and validating your email address.If you forget or misplace your control panel password, we will ask you a security question to validate your identity against your account.While the default questions are set to never change, there may be times when you want to change the question we ask. Use the drop down menu to select the security question. You will receive onscreen confirmation that your security question has been changed.

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