Updating iweb

Simply add the repository names that you wish to use.For example, if you were adding the 'universe' repository for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ('quetzal'), you would add these lines to sources.list: deb quetzal universe deb-src quetzal universe deb quetzal universe deb-src quetzal universe For other versions of Ubuntu, simply replace 'quetzal' with the correct version name, i.e.Universe is maintained by the greater Ubuntu community of users and developers.These are not officially supported, but tend to be the newer releases.Simply run the following command: Again, your data will not be modified by the update.

updating iweb-38

That said, however, the main repositories in Debian are named differently from Ubuntu.Those of you who attended i Web Live last month would know that we’ve been working hard in the background on something special for a little while now and we thought it’s time to officially let the rest of…Expertise level: Advanced i Web offers servers with three different distributions of Linux: Cent OS, Debian and Ubuntu.Please note that Multiverse packages may not receive security updates in a timely fashion.i Web strongly recommends using the default Main repository.

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