Updating client gui with session beans ejb

When you enter a class name, the label for the text entry area will appear in red until the class name matches that of a class in the classpath of the Deployment Wizard. Many sections have scrolling lists containing either popdown menus or edit text fields to change the properties.To popdown a menu in a scrolling list, double-click the text area.There are entity specific and session specific properties for this section.

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You can start a new descriptor from either the File ¬ New descriptor... Save it as a file in an appropriate location in your file hierarchy.

After have completed configuring the deployment descriptor, you will move to the next page, where you will review your configuration.

On the following page, you will set the the tasks to be completed.

The Wizard will read the contents of a file and load any EJBeans that it finds. Clicking on a row in either in the EJB name or Source columns will show you the EJB class or the full path of the source in the message area below the list.

From the Main window's menu bar, you can select Edit ¬ Options to bring up the Options window: Selecting a deployment descriptor in the Main window and either double-clicking the row or clicking the Configure descriptor...

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