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If, at this point, you don’t know what is preventing you from installing drivers, reference how to ‘clean boot’ your system.It is similar to booting to safe mode without all of the services or startup stuff, but into normal mode.NVIDIA wasn’t helpful at all, just responded to my ticket telling me to do steps that I already had clearly stated doing in my ticket.Anyways…for ‘Game Client Doesn’t Start from the Launcher’ here is my problem and resolution: Symptoms: Loglite tool for client gives error ‘No valid display adapter found’ error code 12.That, and my motherboard has an integrated AMD, so I wasn’t sure if it was causing conflicts.If Windows boots without a ‘proper’ graphics driver it uses a generic windows OS driver so you don’t have a blank screen.

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Now, this didn’t get everything, lots of permission denies. And MIGHT be some of the causes of unknown issues for other people, 3rd party software that is ‘protecting’ your system.Last, I ran through other items seen on forums, like ‘verify’ the eve shared cache, clean it. I even did the full EVE wipe, re-download, re-install to no results.At that point you really are looking at something outside of EVE.You can parse through everything in that log(as I did, its a great read on what all the client is doing) or just filter to the error/red items.Digging into the EVE directory, you can find logs for the Launcher everytime you start it.

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