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Here’s a good tutorial for writing xml schema by hand We’ll use this xml file later on the project setup.

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Honestly speaking, spring web services was a lot harder to learn that JAX-WS based frameworks.The ones I’ve used were Metro web services and Apache CXF. It was so easy to use that you simply use annotations, deploy it to a web server, then … There goes the xml schema and the wsdl generated on the fly. It too works very well with a client generated by wsimport from the command line.When I got a break, I checked out Spring web services which uses the conract first approach.Once you get used to programming spring web services, it will be as easy as coding a JAX-WS based framework. After enjoying soap web service development with Spring, I decided to make my own article that will get up and running spring web services from contract to security.I assume that you have already gone through Part 1 of spring web services documentation, especially the Chapter 3 of the reference.

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