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The woman’s role in the community during her life may also have been a factor, he added.To read about an unusual burial recently discovered in northern Italy, go to “Late Antique TLC.” reports that a monument or henge has been revealed on private land in eastern Ireland by the current heat wave and drought conditions.reports that possible traces of the war between the Lydians and the Persians in 546 B. has been unearthed in what is known as the Palace region at Sardis, the ancient capital of the Lydian kingdom in western Turkey.Previous excavations in this area of the city have uncovered huge terrace walls that could have supported a monumental building, as well as a military shield, ivory from a piece of furniture, and a stone seal.

“There’s more moisture in the field where the features of this site are and that’s why the grass is greener,” Murphy explained.Her cause of death was cancer that the researchers suspect originated in her breasts and then spread to her skull, leaving 14 holes in it.Miccichè suggested that the distinctive markings on her bones may have led to the unusual placement of her skull.But there was then a continent-wide trend to the modern human form.” Stone tools and other artifacts support this interpretation of the fossil record, she adds.The trend toward more sophisticated tools and other items is found across Africa, beginning about 300,000 years ago, and has not been traced to one region or one time period.

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