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Because this meant I cared far more than he did – and we both knew it.

Sadly, many of my girlfriends have had similar experiences.

Don’t take it too seriously and try to have fun with it, because this will all seem like child’s play next year when you’re a real couple and you have to introduce them to your crackpot family.

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There are of course plenty of people who fall in the middle but knowing how your partner feels about Christmas in general will help you know the kind of presents they would appreciate most.

These awkward situations arise because of unspoken expectations.Ask questions Now, when the shops are all tinselled up and laden down with Christmas faire, is a good time to start asking questions about Christmases gone by.Not only will these lines of conversation bring you closer as you get to know more about each other but they will also give you valuable clues as to what is important to your partner in terms of gifts.A rubber duckie (named Darrell, duh) could be a sweet reminder of your first date and she’ll totally go “Awww!But if you give her a good reason for the gift, it changes everything.

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