Spike tv dating show

It is produced by Thinkfactory Media and executive produced by Michael ‘Spike’ Van Briesen and co-executive produced by Ken Brisbois and Michael Heyerman.

For many years Patti Stanger made it her business to find perfect matches for wealthy people.

Besides the usual jealousy that comes from Buffy dating other guys, flashbacks are shown that explain why Angel and Spike hate The Immortal: he slept with Darla and Drusilla simultaneously (something the ladies had never allowed Spike or Angel to do) while his minions kept Angel and Spike away by holding them in chains.

To make matters worse, the ladies both enjoyed the experience immensely.

They reach Buffy's apartment but instead finds Andrew Wells, who explains that Buffy and Dawn have been letting him live here since "that thing happened", apparently a "cultural misunderstanding" that led to the destruction of his casa.

He immediately asks them what there doing here and they both bring up Buffy.

While searching for Buffy—and the head of a demon which must be brought back to L. to prevent a demon war—they reminisce about their history with The Immortal and finally accept that they can't control who Buffy dates.

Angel and Spike immediately worry about her and decide to go and find her, assuming her to be danger, until Andrew tells them that Buffy is actually dating their arch-nemesis The Immortal.

The fate of the show has not been decided yet, so stay tuned and we will let you know when WE tv makes a decision on its future.

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Spike hears of this and decides to come along, much to Angel's chagrin.

Once on the airplane, Angel points out that Spike is going to try and win over Buffy again and Spike says "As if you're not thinking the same thing." Angel retorts that he has a girlfriend but Spike points out that Nina doesn't know that he's traveling all the way to Rome to visit his ex.

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