Speed dating with books

This software also includes eye-training exercises and other exercises that increase your field of vision, so you can read faster.

The program comes preloaded with 17,000 different e Books, the second most of all the programs we tested.

That should be more than enough time to increase your reading and you can install the program on an unlimited number of computers.

Speed Reader-X is the least expensive software we tested, but it still offers lessons, activities and tests to help you practice to increase your reading speed.

This book is the result of years of original research, following a new line of thought when it comes to Chinese porcelain decorations.

The observation is a simple one, that in creating decorations that involves people, the artists would somehow be considering the fashion of the day in their depictions.

This software works by flashing words and phrases to help your brain learn to read by grouping words together, rather than by focusing on individual words.

Our top pick, 7 Speed Reading, includes thousands of e Books with its software and scored the highest in our usability testing.

This software includes eye-training exercises and reading exercises that work for beginning readers all the way up to college-level readers.

While nothing can beat actually handling an object, this book is a shortcut to learning to see the details that the experts are looking at.

It is a must have for dealers appraisers and auction houses, as well as the collector, hoping to “beat the game” by knowing just that little more about what tells the copies from the originals.

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