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However, you should not let the police abuse their powers or treat you in an improper manner.

This booklet can be used if someone owes an established debt under ,000, known as a Minor Civil Claim.

The provinces targeted by the credit card syndicates include Gauteng, where R99-million was stolen, followed by the Western Cape with R32.4-million, Kwa Zulu-Natal with R24.5-million and the Eastern Cape with R9-million.

Sabric lists the top five African countries complicit with credit card fraud transactions as Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique - which accumulatively involved almost R9-million.

Sabric chief executive Kalyani Pillay said credit card-related cnp was listed as the leading contributor to fraud losses.

"Criminals always adjust their tactics to take advantage of innovations in the banking landscape.

However, our collaborative model ensures that we, and our banks and partners, are responsive and agile, enabling these crimes to be addressed efficiently and effectively," he said.

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A de facto relationship is one where two adults live together as a couple.

Almost R800-million was stolen from South African bank accounts last year - mostly by criminals fraudulently obtaining clients' card information.

This was revealed in the latest South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) report detailing bank card fraud for last year.

The report highlighted cnp fraud as the most prevalent banking fraud currently used by syndicates.

Credit card holders lost R318.4-million last year through various cnp scams, while debit card holders lost R98-million in similar scams.

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