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As opposites, you’ll want to feel a lot less of the world looking in on you both, and you both looking outward ready to take on the world together.

You can both help each other do that, like no other couple can do for one another.

You don’t feel the same way towards old situations like you do now and, if you’re feeling inadequate in terms of being “up to date” with your true feelings today, you can turn to blaming the easy target (each other) for what you see as a “failure to understand” why you’re reacting the way you are (hint: the person who’s failing to understand how you feel is actually yourself – a classic sign of all Fixed signs).

As to the treatment, Renal Failure patients are familiar with dialysis and kidney transplant.

He can teach you to take your time, Leo – both signs are about creating.

The creative houses your Suns both rule link to how you see the world looking into you (7th House), and how you see yourself looking at at the world (1st House).

If you have Diabetes or prediabetes, a healthy diet can help you control your blood sugar level and keep it within a safe range and manage your weight.

Heart-healthy fish, "good fats", fiber-rich foods and healthy carbohydrates are the foods we recommend; sodium, trans fats, cholesterol and saturated fats are the foods diabetics should avoid.

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