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Sulipa HTML MARTIAL ARTS Magazines & Related Items (BRUCE LEE, Black Belt, Jeet Kune-Do, Judo, Karate, Kick-Boxing, Kung-Fu, Ninja, Self-Defense, Zen, etc) in stock HTML MARVEL COMICS PUB; (MAIN Listing); COMICS, Magazines & Related Items (1961-2009 ) For Sale HTML MARVEL & DC COMICS Mass Market PAPERBACKS (1960's thru 2005 ; Illustrated Comics & Text Novels) For Sale HTML MEDICAL Related Hardcover & Trade Paperback Books; (Health, Medicine, Surgery, Doctor's, Nursing, Anatomy, Disease, Diet & Nutrician, etc) For Sale HTML MEN' S ADVENTURE & Exploitation Magazines (1950's thru 1970's) For Sale HTML MEN' S Style, Fashion, Lifestyle & Culture (Details, Esquire, FH, GQ, Maxim, Stuff, etc.) Magazines For Sale HTML Miniature / MINI - COMICS (Promotional - Giveaway Comics; He-Man & She-Ra, MARCH OF COMICS, etc); For Sale HTML MOTORCYCLE / BIKER magazines (1960's thru 2000 ; Biker, Chopper, Custom, Cycle, Easyriders, In the Wind, Iron Horse, Outlaw, Rider, Supercycle) & Biker Magazines For Sale HTML MOVIE POSTERS - Inventory (POSTERS Vintage and Out of Print (Original ONE-SHEET Movie Theatre Posters, Original Movie Theatre Half-Sheets, Video Store Posters, Vintage Chain Store Posters - Celebrities, TV/Television Stars, Comic Book Related, Science Fiction & Fantasy, ART Posters & Prints other related items) For Sale HTML MUSCLE, FITNESS & HEALTH Magazines (1950's thru 2000 ; Fitness, Flex, Health, Iron Man, Physique, Runner, Shape, Slimmer, Strength, Triathlete, etc) For Sale HTML MUSIC - Mass Market Paperbacks (Rock N' Roll, Country & Western, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Pop, Heavy Metal, Beatles, Soul, & other Music; Trivia/Quiz, Groups, individual Stars, Biographies, Histories, Lyrics, etc) For Sale HTML MUSIC and ROCK Magazines (1940's thru 2000 ; Circus, Crawdaddy, Creem, Rolling Stone, & MANY many more) For Sale HTML MUSIC CONCERT TOUR PROGRAM BOOKS & RELATED ITEMS (1960-2005 ) = For Sale; HTML MYSTERY, CRIME FICTION & Related Mass Market PAPERBACKS, HARDCOVER & Trade Paperback Books - 1930's thru 2005 ;(Fiction & Non-Fiction; Detective, Action, Adventure & Suspense; 1940's-1990's For Sale HTML NATIONAL LAMPOON (1970 thru 1990's - vintage Adult HUMOR, Parody, Satire, Spoof, & Comic Magazines 1970's-1990's) For Sale HTML NON-FICTION Assorted Mass Market PAPERBACKS (Beauty & Dating, Camping/Hiking/Fishing, Hunting, Cars & Trucks, Martial Arts, Pets, Plants & Gardening, Photography, Video Games & Computers; 1940's-2000 ) For Sale HTML NON-SPORTS CARDS – Singles & Sets (1940' S thru 1996) For Sale HTML NEWS & Current Events Magazines - 1930's thru 2000 (Maclean's, NEWSWEEK, New Yorker, TIME magazine, Vanity Fair)For Sale HTML OCCULT mass market PAPERBACKS (Astrology, ESP, Flying Saucers/ UFO, Ghosts, Horoscope, Monsters, Mystic, Numerology, Palmistry, Paranormal, Prophecy, Psychic, Satanism, Supernatural, Tarot, Telepathy, Witchcraft etc) For Sale HTML OMNI magazine (Science & Science Fiction; 1978-1995 Magazines) For Sale HTML ORIGINAL COMIC BOOK ART (Archie, Captain Canuck, Harvey, Marvel, etc) For Sale HTML PARENTING, & CHILDREN & CHILD REARING (Baby, Child & Kids – Names, Emotions, Education, Development, Adolescent, Motherhood, Teenagers, Discipline, Nutrition, Health, Nursery, Problems) Mass Market Paperbacks For Sale HTML PEANUTS, Charlie Brown & Snoopy, & Charles SCHULZ collectibles; Mass Market Paperbacks, Trade Paperbacks, Peanuts Classics Series, Peanuts Parade Series, Books, Comics & Misc. For Sale HTML PEOPLE WEEKLY Magazine & " US " Magazine Weekly (1974 thru 2009) For Sale HTML PERSONALITY & Character COMICS (1990's - Celebrity, TV, Movie, Music & Sports Stars) For Sale HTML PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINES and DIGESTS = FOR SALE (Camera's, Equipment, Exposures, Film, Framing, Glamour, Lens, Lighting, amateur & professional Model's, Nude Studies, Peoples, Photo's, Photographers, Pictures, Places, etc) For Sale HTML PLATINUM AGE vintage COMICS (1900 - 1935; Comics & Cartoon Books) For Sale HTML PLAYBOY (1954-2010 ) and PENTHOUSE (1966-2009) - [Magazines, VHS Video Tapes, SPECIAL's, Books & Related Items] For Sale HTML PLAYS; -- (MOVIE, THEATRE & ACTING SCRIPTS -- Ibsen, Shakespeare, Shaw, Tennessee Williams, etc) Mass Market Paperbacks Inventory - FOR SALE; HTML POETRY & PROSE Books(Mass Market Paperbacks) For Sale HTML POLITICS - Mass Market Paperbacks (Socialism, Democracy, Communism, Capitalism, Terrorism, Labour, Parties, Politicians, History, Government, Nationalism, Revolution, etc) For Sale HTML PORTFOLIO' S and CALENDAR' S (Comics, Science Fiction, Music, Character, Advertising Promo items, and Misc.

General items); For Sale; HTML PSYCHOLOGY – Mass Market Paperbacks Books ( the Mind / Brain, Emotions, Therapy, Therapists, Psychoanalysis, Hypnosis, Insanity, Freud, Mental illness, Theory, Life & Death, Schizophrenic, Sleep, Personality, Human Behavior, Brainwashing ) For Sale; HTML PULP Magazines [1800's thru 1950's PULPS; Adventure, Air Aces/Aviation, Anthology, Argosy, Atlantic, Blue Book, Golden Book, Love/Romance, Mystery, Railroad, Science Fiction, Sports, Western's, etc] FOR SALE HTML PULP Related & Comics Text Novel Mass Market Paperbacks (Doc Savage, Doctor Death, Dusty Ayers and His Battle Birds, Flash Gordon, G-8 and his Battle Aces, Lone Ranger, Operator 5, Phantom, Phantom Detective, Secret Agent X, Shadow, Spider, etc) For Sale HTML RACE RELATIONS – Mass Market Paperbacks (Black People, Negro, Prejudice, Discrimination, Segregation, Aboriginal, Indian, Natives, Jews, Jewish, Slaves & Slavery, Racism, Riots, etc) For Sale HTML Railroad Magazines For Sale (1959 - 1993; Railway, Trains, and related) For Sale HTML RECORDS; LP Long Play; 33-1/3-RPM, 12 inch Vinyl Records (1950's thru early 1990's; ALL Types of Music; Common, Uncommon, Scarce, Obscure & Rare; Many Tunes Permanently Out-of-Print; USA, Canada & Foreign; 12” Singles, Promotional Labels, etc) – Blues, Big Band, Bluegrass, Bubble Gum music, Classical, Comedy & Humor, C&W - Country & Western, Crooners, Dance music, Disco, Easy Listening, Ethnic Music, Folk, Funk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Instrumental, Jazz, New Wave, Opera, Polka, POP, Progressive, Punk, Rap, Rock N Roll, R&B – Rhythm & Blues, Show Tunes, Soft Rock, Soul, Square Dance, ETC -- For Sale; HTML RECORDS; (33-1/3 RPM Vinyl LP's); Compilations/ Various Artists (Best of, Greatest Hits, K-Tel, Collections, Themes etc.)For Sale HTML RECORDS; 45-RPM, 7 inch SINGLE Vinyl Records (45's); (1950's thru early 1990's; ALL Types of Music; Common, Uncommon, Scarce, Obscure & Rare; Many Tunes Permanently Out-of-Print; USA, Canada & Foreign; With & Without Picture Sleeves; Promotional Labels) For Sale HTML Records; SOUNDTRACKS and SPOKEN WORD (MOVIE, TV, RADIO, BROADWAY etc.) 12 inch 33-1/3 RPM VINYL LP'S; For Sale HTML RELIGION - Mass Market Paperbacks inventory; (all Relgions & Related; Devotional, Inspirational, Spiritual, Theology, Ethics, Morality, Apologetics, Biography, Autobiography, Documentary, Missionary, History, Nuns, Bishops, Priests, Preacher, Devil, Satan, God, Alcoholics, Clergy, Rabbi, Yogi, Crusades, Vatican, Ministry, Armageddon, Apostles, Saints, Angels, Popes, Swami, Budda, Zen, Buddists, Christian, Catholic, Presbyterian, Penrecostal, Jehovah's Witness, Cults, Evangelist, Anglican, Sermons, Cardinals, Jewish, Israel, Hebrew, Jesus Christ, Psychology, Philosophy, Belief & Faith, Methodology, Miracles, Testimonials, Prayers, Prophecy, Prophets, Occult & Mysticism, Afterlife, Nazi's, Churches, Scripture, Gospel, Bible, Bible Studies, Old & New Testaments, and MORE) For Sale HTML ROLE PLAYING GAMES & Related - Magazines, Modules, Handbooks, Sourcebooks, Strategy, Supplements, Mass Market Paperbacks (AD&D, Avalon Hill, Champions, Choose Your Own Adventure, Dragonlance, Dragon magazine, Dungeons & Dragons, Fighting Fantasy, Find Your Fate, Forgotten Realms, Star Fleet, Star Trek, Star Wars, Steve Jackson, TSR, War/Military, Which Way, White Dwarf.

CONDITION: Contrary to POPULAR belief, I estimate that the AVERAGE EXISTING condition for Bronze Age comics is (A) FINE for superhero titles (B) VERY GOOD for NON-superhero titles and for superhero reprint titles Most VF copies are VERY NICE, ABOVE AVERAGE.

Most traditionally NON collected titles are SCARCE in VF or better, especially GIANTS, & all ODD formats. If you are ordering VF or NM, please state if you will take next best copy.

Deep Space Nine, New Frontier, Next Generation, Voyager) FOR SALE; HTML STAR WEEKLY NOVELS (1941-1973 Canadian Newspaper Weekend Supplement Magazines; Most from Toronto, Ontario, Canada) = FOR SALE; HTML STEPHEN KING - (Magazines, Books & Collectibles) = In Stock, & Price List HTML SUPER-HERO, Comics & Character - MEMORABILIA & Collectibles For Sale; Price List HTML Tattoo, Ink, Skin Art Magazines in stock; For Sale HTML TENNIS Magazines (1970's thru 1990's)For Sale HTML 3-D, Three Dimensional, Index (ICG, Fantco, DC, Marvel) How to Draw, Superhero Catalogs - Comics For Sale HTML TOY SHOP Magazine (Krause Pub.

Inc.; Collector's mag for; Action Figures, Antique Toys, Banks, Barbie, Bears, Beanie Babies, Board Games, Cast Iron, Character memorabilia, Comic collectibles, Die-Cast Cars, Dolls, G. Joe, Games, Hot Wheels, Lunch Boxes, Movie, Pez, Robots, Toys, Tin Toys, TV, Vehicles, Vintage, etc) FOR SALE HTML TRACI LORDS Collectibles (Magazines, VHS Movies, etc) in stock; For Sale HTML Treasure Hunting Magazines in stock; For Sale HTML TREASURY Giant Oversized COMICS Editions - (1970's & 1980's - Marvel, DC Comics, Walt Disney & Misc.) For Sale HTML TRIB COMIC BOOK (Spider-Man, Agatha Crumm, Asterix & Obelix, Born Loser, Catfish, Doonesbury, Drabble, Emmy Lou, Frank & Ernest, Fred Basset, Funky Winkerbean, Herman, Lockhorns, Marmaduke, Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, Ronald Mc Donald, Pop Idols, Sam & Silo, Steve Roper & Mike Nomad, TITANIC, Stanley, Starhawks, Star Trek, Star Wars, Terry Brooks, Trudy, Walt Disney, Wizard of ID, Woody Allen, Ziggy) = FOR SALE; HTML TRUE DETECTIVE, Police & Crime Magazines - (1940's-1990's) For Sale HTML TRUE COMICS - (Fact, Non-Fiction, Sports 1940's-1950's - Vintage Comics) For Sale HTML TV GUIDE (National Weekly Digest Magazine, Canadian & USA Editions); Vintage 1953-2008 back issues For Sale HTML TV / Television & MOVIE books in DIGEST (small Trade Paperback) Format; (Film / Screenplay Novelizations; Kids, Juvenile, Young Adult & Adult Novels; Walt Disney; Celebrities; Scholastic & other publishers; TV Anthologies, etc) For Sale; HTML TV / Television and MOVIE magazines (Radio, Soap Opera, ET Weekly, Hollywood, Gossip, Marquee, Photoplay, Premiere, Screen, Tribute, Regional TV Guide Supplements & Related - 1940's-2000 Magazines For Sale HTML TV/Television & Related Mass Market Paperbacks - 1950's-1990's For Sale HTML UFO / Flying Saucers, Aliens, Psychic & OCCULT Magazines for sale HTML UK BRITISH ANNUALS (Comics, Movie, TV, Toys, Westerns, Music)-1950's thru 1990's For Sale HTML UK / British, Australia & Misc FOREIGN = ENGLISH Language Comics; (Alan Class, Miller, Rosnock, Spencer, Strato, Top Seller, etc)Reprints of USA Silver Age Cartoon, Horror/SF & TV comics = For Sale HTML UK BRITISH WAR & MISC Comic Digests (Western, SF, etc) - 1950's-1980's For Sale HTML UK British MARVEL Pub.

Just put "Returning Goods to Sender" on outside of Box & a short note of the problem; NO MINIMUM ORDER!

TIME PAYMENTS - 25% DOWN (NON REFUNDABLE) holds items for 90 days.

) Very STRICT GRADING (with CGC range strictness in mind); Mail Order since 1971; SEE the COMIC & Magazine Condition GRADING GUIDE (further down if required); In my LAST batch of 145 items that i did submit to CGC; We are a FULL-TIME MAIL ORDER ONLY WAREHOUSE (NO Retail Storefront). Good customers treated like royalty (small and big buyers alike). ] IMPORTANT; We have been Bombarded with Requests for all the MARVEL and DC Comics Red-Hot FILM / MOVIE Related KEY Issues; *** Thus ALL prices are Subject to Chance without Notice (but mainly & especially applies to Comics & Items that Skyrocket in Value Overnight on e Bay); *** We Reserve the Right to DECLINE a Purchase Request at OLD Prices Listed on our Website, whenever we deem it Warranted; *** We also reserve the Right to LIMIT the Purchase to ONE Copy of any RED HOT items, whenever Warranted; ACE DOUBLES (Vintage 2-Sided Mass Market Paperbacks; 1952 thru 1960; D-Series, and F, G, H, K, M & 441, 020 Series; SF, Mystery, Western & Misc Fiction)= For Sale HTML ACG (American Comics Group; 1940's thru 1960's) Vintage COMICS/ For Sale ]; HTML AIRCRAFT & AVIATION Magazines 1920's to 2000 (Aerial Warfare, Airplanes, Bombers, Defense, Fighters, Flight, Flying, Jets, Military, Missles, Pilots, Planes, RAF, RCAF, USAF) - For Sale HTML ALTERNATIVE /INDEPENDANT COMICS 1970's thru 2009 [ A , AC, Ace, Acclaim, Aadrvark-Vanheim, ACG , Adventure, Aircel, Amazing, Americomics, Antarctic Press, Armada, Apple, Awesome, Berkley, Blackout, Blackthorne, Boneyard, Bongo, Brainstorm, Broadway, Caliber, Capital, Chaos, CFD/Cry for Dawn, Cliffhanger, COMICO, Conquest, Continuity, Crossgen, Crusade, DARK HORSE, Defiant, Dynamic Forces, Eclipse, Eros, Eternity, Extreme, Event, Fantagraphics, Fictioneer, FIRST, Fleetway, Gladstone, Grearter Mercury, Hamilton, Harrier, Harris, Hero Graphics, High Impact, Homage, IMAGE, Immortelle, Innovation, Jademan, Kitchen Sink, Last Gasp, Lightning, London Night, MALIBU, Maximum Press, Millennium, Mirage, New Engalnd, Night Wynd, Now, Oni, Pacific, Parody Press, Pioneer, Quality, Rebel, Renegade, Rip Off Press, Russ Cochran, Sal Q/Sal Quartuccio, Silverwolf, Slave Labor, Solson, Spoof, Steeldragon, Tekno, Tome, Top Cow, Topps, TSR, Tundra, VALIANT, Viz, Vortex, Warp Graphics, Wildstorm , Wizard Limited editions & MANY other MISC publishers ]; For Sale HTML ARMED SERVICES (Editions for the..); (Oblong Mass Market Paperbacks, distributed to Soldiers in the Post-WW2 American Armed Forces) For Sale HTML Anthropology, People & Places, Non-Fiction Paperback For Sale [People, Cities & Countries of the World; Civilization, Atlas, Culture, Travel, Tourism, Society]; HTML ANTHOLOGY DIGEST Magazines; [CORONET Digest Magazine 1930's-1960's; READER' S DIGEST Magazines 1922-Present]; For Sale HTML ARCHIE COMICS PUB (1940's thru 2010 ; Includes Red Circle, Katy Keene COMICS )For Sale HTML ASTRONOMY & SPACE EXPLORATION Mass Market Paperbacks;(Black Holes, Comets, Einstein, Planets, Science, Space Travel, Stars, the Universe) For Sale; HTML ATARI 2600 & 5200 (1978-1988) COLECO – Coleco Vision (1982-1986) INTELLIVISION (1979-1989) VIDEO GAME System Cartridges PRICE LIST of IN-STOCK & For Sale HTML ATLAS/Timely/Marvel (1940's thru 1962 - Vintage COMICS) For Sale HTML ATLAS / SEABOARD (1975 Comics & Magazines) For Sale HTML Ballantine "Adult Fantasy" Series (1970's Mass Market PAPERBACKS) For Sale HTML BECKETT SPORTS MAGAZINES (Baseball, Basketball, Collectibles & Autographs, Football, Future Stars, Hockey, Racing = Sports Card Related Price Guides) For Sale HTML BETTIE (or BETTY) PAGE -- Collectibles in stock (Comics, Magazines, Cards, etc) For Sale HTML Big Little Books, BLB's, Better Little Books,and similar format books (1930's thru 2000 ; WHITMAN, Modern, Moby Books, etc.)In Stock HTML BIOGRAPHY, Autobiography & Related (Mass Market PAPERBACKS, HARDCOVER & Trade Paperback Books) For Sale HTML Biology, Ecology, Environment, Nature, Nuclear, Zoology Related Paperback Books for sale HTML BLOWOUT Comics SALE; comics OVERSTOCK clearance SETS & Starter Sets (Marvel, DC & MISC) For Sale HTML Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs & Related (Handbooks, Guides, Jamboree's, Leaders, Rally's, Scoutmasters, Song Books, Tests & Troops = NON-FICTION and Fiction) For Sale HTML BUSINESS and FINANCE - Mass Market Paperbacks ( Money, Power, Jobs, Economy & Economics, Success, Management, Salesmen, Stock Market, Entrepreneur, Careers, Investments, Monetary Crisis, Marketing, Strategy, Ethics, Profits, Benefits, Fraud, Inflation, Recession, Taxes, Insurance, Automation, Executives, Analysis, Productivity, Capitalism, Wages, Wealth, Traders, Wall Street, Banks, Currency, Corporations, Buying & Selling, Consumers, etc ) For Sale HTML CANADIAN COMICS = (Vintage 1940-1960) For Sale HTML CANADIAN Vintage Mass Market Paperbacks (1940's-1950's; Publishers = Crow, Derby, News Stand Library, Pony); HTML CAPTAIN CANUCK (1975-2010 Canadian Comics & Related Items) For Sale - Price List HTML CAR toons (Petersen Pub) / Pete Millar's DRAG Cartoons (Millar Pub) / HOT ROD CARtoons (Petersen) = Comic Magazines For Sale HTML CAR / AUTOMOBILE, HOT ROD, TRUCK, CAR RACING, VAN & Misc VEHICLE Magazines (Also includes; Dealership Promo/Promotional Pamphlets & related items) For Sale HTML CARTOON and COMIC - (Vintage Mass Market PAPERBACKS; Andy Capp, Archie, B.Johnson Publishing Company) For Sale HTML EC COMICS -- (E. / Educational Comics / Fables Pub; 1940's thru 1950's Vintage Comics) For Sale HTML 8-TRACKS / 8 Track (Audio Music Cassette Tapes; 1970's-1980's) For Sale; HTML ELECTRONICS Magazines (1950's thru 1980's) For Sale; HTML FAWCETT Western Comics - (Vintage 1940's & 1950's) For Sale HTML Firemen Magazine For Sale HTML FOREIGN LANGUAGE COMICS & Digests (Assorted, DC Comics Related, MARVEL, Walt Disney); For Sale HTML GAMES, Quiz and PUZZLES Mass Market PAPERBACKS (Adult Comic Magazines 1950's-2000 ) For Sale HTML GENERAL FICTION PAPERBACKS (1930's - 2000 Mass Market PAPERBACKS; Epic's, Drama, Classic's, Literature, Comedy & Humor, Movie, and MORE) For Sale HTML GOLDEN AGE Comics, SILVER AGE Comics,& MISC COMICS, with GIVEAWAY / Promotional & Oddball MISC.We have about 95% of ALL comics printed since 1960 (and many older too). 1,000 UK / British COMIX and other hardcover ANNUALS; PLUS; ACG (American Comics Group), Tower, King, Spire Christian, Fawcett and misc. From MAGIC (Unlimited, Revised, 4th, Arabian, Dark, Fallen, Ice, Home, Legends, Antiquites, Chronicles) Marvel Overpower (1st 3 series), Jyad, Illuminati, Star Trek TNG (1st series limited and unlimited), Star Wars SCIENCE FICTION / FANTASY / HORROR - 50,000 Mass Market Paperbacks & Digests 1940-1990's CRIME / MYSTERY / DETECTIVE - 75,000 Mass Market Paperbacks & Digests 1940-1990's WESTERN (Fiction & Non-Fiction) - 10,000 Mass Market Paperbacks 1940-1990 WAR & MILITARY (Fiction & Non-Fiction) - 10,000 Mass Market Paperbacks 1940-1990 HISTORICAL Fiction - 10,000 Mass Market Paperbacks 1940-1990 VINTAGE PAPERBACKS - Over 250,000 in stock, 75% of all types printed from 1940-1990, 50% of all 1971-1980, 25% of all 1981-1990.westerns, Mad, Sick, Cracked, Skywald, Adult Cartoon (pre-1980 - no XXX), IPC/British, Captain Canuck, Gladstone, Atlas/Seaboard, TRIB comics, Red Circle/JC, Star, Help, Heavy Metal, National Lampoon and more. 100,000 RECORDS - Most standard issue LP's frm 1970-1990 in stock, good selection 1950-1969 NON SPORTS CARDS - Decent selection of 1950-1980's Singles (most Good-Excellent). VINTAGE HARDCOVERS - 60,000 all types 1900-1955 MAGAZINES - 250,000 all types 1940-2000 (especially 1960 up and some older) - 70,000 comic related, 15,000 science fiction/horror/fantasy related, 10,000 sport, 10,000 music, 10,000 car/hot rod/harley/car, 10,000 playboy/penthouse/mens adventures/adult, no XXX) Plus Life, Look, Post, Time, Macleans, Ebony, National Geographic, 5,000 TV/Movie, TV Guides, Esquire, Fashion, Teen, Kids, Modeling (air, rail etc), RPG, Aircraft, Military, Readers Digest, Coronet, Scandal (Digest, magazines, tabloids), Beckett, Price Guides, Hobby, News, Popular Mechanics, Mechanics Illustrated, Womens, Western, True Crime, UFO, Pulps, Digets, Humor, Parody, Political, Science, Mystery, Fanzines, Video Game, Newspapers, Kiss, Bruce Lee, Beatles, Elvis Presley, JFK, Star Wars, Star Trek, Personalities and more!

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