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The boss even sent me off on a job and put the boy in charge of the road crew letting him run equipment without a CDL (Commercial Driver License) and pretty much let him do what he wanted. The crews on the Lake district and Grant district would talk about it. If Billy would have come back the next season I would have gone to Mammoth headquarters and voiced my concerns. I always regretted not speaking out about what was going on but at the time we just did the best we could and kept working.When Billy didn’t come back the supervisor took in another “boy friend.” Another young man on our crew. I probably would have worked up there for another year or two to boost my retirement, but I chose to get away from the situation.”The whistleblower did not characterize this publicly funded misconduct as having taken place in the distant past.Set your microwave on high for 4 minutes making particular to stir the contents after every fine.Increase this frequency as you get through the end among the microwave time period.

Having met with another whistleblower last summer, the published a report in September 2016 that launched federal investigations of sexual harassment and other misconduct at Yellowstone National Park.

Conveying that concern to the grievance officer, the whistleblower told us he should expect reprisals if he filed his grievance.

The officer reportedly told the whistleblower, “They will pull skeletons out of [your] closet…They play rough.”Indeed, recent accounts conveyed to this publication claim official reprisals have taken place in recent months after two employees took actions to expose separate incidences of alleged wrongdoing only to find themselves targets of YNP investigations.

Former National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis retired early this year, on whose watch numerous cases of sexual harassment occurred across NPS, the perpetrators of which faced no serious consequences. Deputy YNP Superintendent Steve Iobst retired in September 2016, free and clear, just after the scandal broke.

Superintendent Wenk, according to sources, will soon retire from Yellowstone, and will therefore likely avoid accountability under the Trump administration, the stated intentions of Sen.

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