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George and Martha must have made quite a good-looking couple.See where Washington ranks on our list of The Fittest American Presidents.

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And that worked to mutual advantage on husband Jimmy’s campaign trail.First Lady of the United States carries no salary, only expectations: be warm, be social, be civic-minded, take care of the kids, don’t be crazy. We don’t expect Kate Upton (though Frances Cleveland was just 21 when she married 48-year-old Grover in 1886; imagine the reaction to that today).But a First Lady is proof that the guy in the suit has a pulse, a set of eyes—and a libido.“You can’t spend that kind of money on clothes,” says Allgor, “and not expect people get antsy about it.” “She looks sort of like what she is—an upper-middle-class wife of a powerful man,” says Allgor.That’s partly why so many moviegoers raised a skeptical eyebrow when Oliver Stone cast the smokin’ hot Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush in 2008’s W.

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