Serial killer from 1970 dating show

Episode 246: Family Planning We see the very last lawyer to appear on the show who doesn’t end up possessed by a witch. Episode 247: I’m Someone Else Burke touches Sam again, Maggie invents thinks, and the director tries to figure out how to shoot a scene where a grown man has a conversation while lying on his back in a coffin, without looking silly.

Episode 248: Damsel in This Dress Maggie walked from Collinwood all the way down the hill to her father’s house, wearing a bright white wedding gown and holding a pipe, and attracted no attention at all.

Episode 211: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Jason visits the cemetery and makes a new friend.

Episode 212: The Collins Blood We learn several reasons why you shouldn’t play in a haunted house.

Episode 218: Madman with a Box Roger opens and closes doors, Jason plays Where’s Willie, and Barnabas hangs out under the boom mic for a while.

Episode 219: Addled Quacks Roger talks to Willie, Jason, Sheriff Patterson and Dr. The episode stops when he runs out of people to be sarcastic to.

Episode 227: Sick Day Maggie feels drained this morning.

Introduction: Satan’s Favorite TV Show Barnabas Collins appears at the White House to frighten underprivileged children.

Episode 210: Opening the Box We break into the mausoleum, find the secret room and open the mystery box.

What are people doing in Collinsport that they’re too busy to notice Episode 249: That Room with Those Things Liz and Jason finally let Carolyn and Roger into that room in the basement, and everybody walks around on Paul’s grave.

Episode 250: Exit Strategy Maggie the Vampire Slayer takes action, recruiting Willie into helping her knock some sense into Barnabas.

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