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When Pizza reached 100,000 followers on Tumblr, she posted a picture of a pizza box, takeout chicken wings, and an orange soda spread out on her bed: “pizza and chicken wings 2 celebrate.” One fan replied, “CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! ” An anonymous user was unimpressed: “you only have 100k because of ur url.” But Pizza shot that down: “uh no i had 93k before i got this url so excuse u.”#article-129002 .article-header-wrap,#article-129002 [email protected] fade In And [email protected] fade In And In And [email protected] animated [email protected] animated [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] side [email protected] side [email protected] sway [email protected] sway Ways/*!Every industry, and every ecommerce site, should have deep and meaningful connections to their relevant communities.Find the most respected and popular forums, sites, journalists and aggregators in your industry and make yourself invaluable to them. Begin by connecting with influencers in your segment and then asking them questions about your vertical. Here are a few of what they call their “round up posts,” which get high visibility thanks to the sharing of content by the influencers included.Social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have worked their way into practically every aspect of modern life. Social media is promotion, sales, links, shares and cultural relevance.

The Winning Edge Look for mentions of your brand using a service like Mention and focus on the instances where there is no link to your domain.

Then, publish content highlighting their expertise. Keep in mind, Big Commerce is looking to rank for keywords related to ecommerce. Create your questions and then send the link to the influencers you know. Search engines use a variety of signals to rank your site (and the various pages of your site).

You’ll need to edit your strategy and topics to best match the keywords your brand needs to rank for. Google set themselves apart by introducing link value into their complex ranking algorithm, an algorithm that is still the industry gold standard.

That doesn’t just mean providing excellent content (although that’s your first duty); it means seeking opportunities to actually help them. Even Twitter has opportunities for brands, so think through your strategy and choose your channels wisely.

Follow them, promote them and don’t ask them for favors constantly (Follow me! Remember that a huge percentage of all ecommerce shopping is now done on smartphones.

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