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Please visit the USPTO's Electronic Bulk Data Products site for access to the latest downloads.

Contains the full text, drawings, and complex work units (tables, mathematical expressions, genetic sequence data, and chemical structures) of each patent grant issued weekly (Tuesdays) from January 2001 to present.

Chem Draw (CDX) files and MDL Information Systems (MOL) files.

Drawings, mathematical expressions, and chemical structures are also included as external Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Revision 6.0 with CCITT Group 4 Compression image files. Refer to the following USPTO web site for additional patent data information (2001 through present) to include the Document Type Definitions (DTDs): of October 2010, we are posting files which contain the same directories that were originally in individual files.

Sitekit carries out threat-modelling as part of software design under the company's SDL (Secure Development Lifecycle); mitigation actions are then put in place.

Sitekit will deploy patches either as part of scheduled software maintenance or immediately when Sitekit becomes aware of a Critical vulnerability.

The file formats are Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) in accordance with the U. Patent Grant Version 2.4 Document Type Definition (DTD) and e Xtensible Markup Language (XML) in accordance with the U. Patent Grant Version 2.5; 4.0 International Common Element (ICE); 4.1 ICE; 4.2 ICE Document Type Definitions (DTDs).

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Technician uses best efforts to provide resolution within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt2 – Intermediate An error that affects performance of the software and significantly degrades the agency’s use of the software. Issue is assigned to a technician within 24 (twenty-four) hours of receipt2.

Maintenance releases: from time to time, maintenance releases of the software will be carried out to d=fix outstanding software faults and maintain compatibility with the current versions of any third-party software used.

By default, such maintenance releases will be carried out every three (3) months.

Sitekit runs frequent training sessions on emerging internet security threats.

Sitekit maintains an ISO27001 compliant protective monitoring process, available on request.

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