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She did an Australian tourism online drama with Show Luo followed by an online long drama MV with Tony Yang and Sandrine Pinna for her single “Wishing for Happiness”.

Both were excellent and better than most dramas actually, but for an actress who used to churn out one or two dramas a year it’s been a prolonged hiatus from the small screen since 2011’s could have been if Will had been able to act back then. After filming the MV, Rainie cut off her already short bob into a pixie boy cut and showed up at the media event to promote a chewing gum brand she endorses.

I’m impressed that she keeps lopping off her hair since she went a decade being the long-haired cute girl next door image in Taiwan.

Rainie yang and mike he, first of all when i watch your drama oh! J to me, you know that all your drama's are all lovable make us K.

Very hardworking, humble and pretty, Rainie has succeeded to reside in millions of hearts with her beautiful voice and jaw-dropping performances.

Rainie’s passion towards singing and acting encouraged her to select the entertainment sector as her career.

All the media wanted to talk about was her reported break up with much younger boyfriend of two years Prince.

Rainie coolly admitted she’s getting used to being single again but didn’t elaborate any further.

She managed to play different kinds of characters and gave new vibe to it! I love her character as Chen Baozhu.looks really2x cool in her character the same with Show Lou as Lin Da Lung.. Many of their friends said they both have feelings for each other.Rainie Yang's management company replied: "They both get along very well. I really have to thank her for the wonderful entertainment she provides. I love your drama series " Love You" it was the best dramedy ive ever seen...i fell inlove with your character! So far, I think her best dramas are Devil Beside You, Drunken to Love You, Miss No Good, and Shanghai Sweetheart.

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