Quicken investments not updating

And yet I find incorrect totals frequently that do not correct themselves until I log out and log back in.

It means I can't trust the numbers I see, which is the most basic function of a home finance software platform.

Well, they got me for and they refuse to give it up.

I would stick with them, but I can't stand the nickel and dime attitude and the deceptive practices.

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I don't have that many transactions, so I had to have the customer service rep walk me through the transactions.

Quicken 2018 is definitely a downgrade from what Quicken used to be under Intuit.

Unfortunately there isn't much choice in this software arena anymore.

I signed up for Quicken Premier 2018 because of the "FREE" Bill Pay feature.

At the first month, they charged me 9.95, which I assumed was an error, but it turns out that I never finished the 4th step of the setup, which activates the service, so they charged me the full pay.

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