Princess diana dating hasnat khan

Twenty years ago, Princess Diana made worldwide headlines when she was killed in a tragic car accident.What the stories also read was that she died alongside her man at the time, Dodi Al-Fayed (who was the owner of Harrod's department store).Born to an affluent Pathan family, Hasnat had a pretty good childhood as his father owned and run a prosperous glass factory.His educational status is not much known but it has been known that he served in Sydney until 1991 and then served the Royal Brompton Hospital situated in London for a year from 1995 to 1996.He married Hadia Sher Ali, originally from Pakistan, on May 2006.

He's not sporty, he's not handsome, he's not wealthy. " It was that Diana loved the normalcy around it since Khan wasn't in the public eye, especially after her highly-publicized divorce from her ex-husband, Prince Charles.

She was attracted to Khan and they went on a date later.

She used to visit the hospital often in hopes of seeing him again. The couple was together for the next two years and the chemistry did not last long as Khan reportedly worked long hours in the hospital.

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Hasnat Khan, known most prominently as the ex-lover of Princess Diana, is a British Pakistani heart and lung surgeon.

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