Pinay sex trip chat

Eventually it turns into a special ‘Lingam’ handjob…problem is after about a minute or two of the interesting Lingam technique they just start yanking on it like a normal hj.Sadly extras was only an hj, and it was a pretty bad hj at that. Since I instantly got extras at the first place I went I assumed that maybe people on the internet were lying and that all massage places in Angeles would do extras.Two hours later I headed to one that I knew had some very cute girls working.

They do sound like a great experience though, and you can get a two girl or even three girl massage…… Considering I have a buddy who lives in Chiang Mai and goes for a weekly massage that ends with the therapist getting naked, rubbing her body all over him, and giving him a great bj for then spending 0 in Manila is terrible value.

Not only is the extra service they offer weak, but the massages are just terrible.

Of the 4 or 5 girls I tried only 1 would get a D grade, the rest were all Fs.

Many of them were quite cute, much cuter than most of the girls that worked in the bars. It’s not hard to all to find a bj in Angeles for that price, why pay it for a hand shandy? I was able to get one to give head and she did it twice, but the next time that I texted her she said she didn’t want to do them anymore.

They offered an outcall massage service in your hotel for 300 pesos, and considering they worked on walking street you should be able to assume that extras would be available. There was another girl who I am quite certain I could have had full service with, but at the time I was only interested in bjs with working girls.

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