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I had been warned that they were not reporting my blood work and that's why i was in the emergency room every week with kidney pains sores under my arms.

The doctor asked me why they want you dead cause they are trying to kill you. Now i am better thanks to a good doctor and the fact that my sisters dead lawyers wife Alica Olmyer told us everything about how her husband had my father lock me up and how his friend Dr.

impossible odds of that happening, but they didn't stop there they killed my dad with the use of Blake Pearson whom they rewarded with a top job after he helps set up my daughter and rapes her .

He admitted killing my dad to me and said he killed him with a shot of infection from another patient in to his I. killing him with sepsis , he could not have even develop sepsis due to the anount of antibiotics he was give before the amputation of his toe.For this choice that they have made the doom themselves and our country ..The witnesses to this murder are paid or scarred or both they are addicts and weirdos ,my first experienced with what is now called a crisis actor.Now he joins the rank of wakcos over the towns people of Vicksburg.Ask your self what are the chances that my sister would kill her husband and then my wife would be killed by her new babies dad.

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