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We sat down with Orlando and Zoe to talk about working on the independent film in the Cayman Islands, with a first time director.

Here's what they had to say: How was it producing and having the film pushed back?

And I said, 'Look, I like the character of Shy, but he's a young Caymanian kid.' He said, 'Give me 24 hours; let me mess around with it.' He came back, and I kid you not, the shooting script that we have is the one he came up with 24 hours later, and it was done so well.

And I think it is very similar to Hollywood; it's a very interesting, symbolic sort of parody - it's beautiful on the outside, everybody wants to be in it, everybody wants to live in Cayman. The average waitress makes -90,000 a year, and she doesn't have to report it; that's amazing.

So everybody wants to be a superstar, but once you're living there, you realize you become very comfortable, very spoiled and you start abusing the resources that give you the privileges that you have. Orlando Blooom: I really enjoyed the creative; yeah, I do.

Flowers that featured Orlando Bloom, Zoe Saldana and Anthony Mackie, will get a special tenth anniversary presentation at Cayfilm, the second annual Cayman International Film Festival.

Saldana, Mackie and co-star Victor Rasuk are among those who will be on hand for the reunion, as will Flowers, who is a Caymanian filmmaker.

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