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But what happens when one of them finally has the guts to admit their feelings. Rated M for future chapters and eventually language. He spent more time in the fridge than necessary; as the chill of the refrigerator set in, Kendall was sure he could just see the outline of perk nipples. Jett and Kendall mask their feelings by their hatred. Guitar Dude takes him to the beach to see a clearer sky and have a clearer mind. Nickelodeon, you need to realize what you're doing and just cancel this show because it's so retarded, and that's no surprise considering that it's from the creator of Ned's Declassified. Greg is a music critic and writer who is putting together a book on Classical music, more specifically what is wrong with classical music these days: aging audience, shrinking ticket sales, the relevance of classical concerts in today's world.

Think about it, if you weren't used to going to a classical concert, would you feel welcome there? A collection of stories made-up of warped Grimm fairy-tales, nursery rhymes, or tall-tales that prick my fancy. You decide, as once again man an monster meet, drawn together like the positive and negative charges of electricity, and love saves a life. Almost every ficlet will involve slash of some level. *Chapter 1: The Mirror Never Lied-a tale of handsome. Pairing: Jettgan Logan spoke softly, biting his bottom lip as he tried to find the words that he knew would break the blonde's heart all over again. This fic contains mature content and the necessity of one of our boys not being alive. But not wanting to choose a lord from the court he writes the a young barbarian king, wishing to take him has his husband and make him king. The one who sucks your blood at night, or the one who tortures you day in and day out? A series of Kames ficlets, illustrating their relationship through dozens of unconnected moments. James and Kendall play bit parts but really help out in the end. Hope you all enjoy, because I can't believe I wrote this, but no regrets. Kendall Knight has been a complete jerk to openly gay Logan Mitchell for years. Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me; Carlos has always shown his love in an odd fashion, but this time has got James' palms sweating as all of his inhibitions fly out the window. Kendall has spent years looking for Logan, his long-lost best friend. That pink-haired boy seemed like the perfect way to finally except defeat. Kendall has a night out without the other guys, and runs into a very challenging Lucy Stone at a party. Logan and James both admit to each other that they are confused about their sexual orientation. But what happens when Kendall shows an interest in Logan? Gustavo asks Logan for him and one other person to mansion sit for him.

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