Nicky wu and cecilia liu dating peregrym dating

Posting a photo of their wedding bands, Nicky wrote simply, “Cherish the happiness”, and Cecilia wrote, “We are overjoyed.” Cecilia is Not Pregnant The couple’s sudden marriage led many to speculate that Cecilia may be pregnant.

However, Cecilia’s manager denied the rumors and said she is unclear about the proposal and wedding details.

Both Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi went public with their relationship on November 11th on both of their Weibo pages.

They posted the following picture along with some simple yet cute comments about their relationship. 😛 I will always be fond of Liu Shi Shi & Nicky Wu for their performance in Bu Bu Jing Xin.

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It was reported that Nicky gifted his ex-wife with six houses, as well as 1 million RMB in financial support in the divorce.Last year, it was reported that Nicky and Cecilia started living together.It was rumored that Nicky had successfully proposed.Of course they left lasting impressions on me with Ruo Xi & 4th.But beyond BBJX, I have never thought they would get together in real life.

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