Nexus dating

Battery life is around what we'd expect for a tablet of this size.Google says the Nexus 9's 6,700m Ah battery is good for around 9.5 hours of wi-fi browsing and/or video playback, and our anecdotal experience over a little less than a week is in line with this.Nexus models, with the former having greater success in the market. Google's previous hardware partners were Asus (Nexus 7) and Samsung (Nexus 10); for the Nexus 9 it's HTC, which has brought its well-regarded Boom Sound speakers into the mix.

The two buttons are made from metal and look good, but in use are just that little bit below par in quality terms thanks to both a lack of travel and wobbly feel.

The backplate doesn't quite sit flush to the aluminium edge band, which extends ever so slightly over the front of the Nexus 9.

And those speaker grilles may deliver super sound, but they are also indented dust traps.

The 4:3 aspect ratio is a rarity in high-end Android tablets, but we found it made for comfortable viewing.

We've seen some complaints of light bleed from early Nexus 9 adopters, and we noticed this too: a very narrow strip along the top of the screen in portrait mode is brighter than elsewhere.

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