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People may say that having a friend over the net means nothing but truthfully there some of the best friends you can have and i have to thank teen chat for all the people that i have talked to became close to teen chat is an awesome place & i love it Hello, hehe i just like it b/c i met Steve here.Chicago bursts with both the avant-garde energy of a major metropolis and the classic beauty of the American Midwest.I have personally tried and enjoyed all of these local ways to meet geek singles. Their next gathering is a board game night for new members- the perfect opportunity! Nerds at Heart - If you're serious about pursuing a relationship, a paid organization might be for you.Best of all, for most of them, you don't even have to leave your couch! Nerds at Heart is a national operation with hetero and queer branches in Chicago.Last night, someone on Twitter asked if I was single... I found it unprofessional, but I also felt for him. Thankfully, Chicago is filled with places to meet that very special geek guy or girl. The Chicago Nerd Social Club offers casual, non-committal environments for groups.

I'll be posting a much more local-friendly list of my own soon. The Chicago Nerd Social Club - This organization has been around for years, sponsoring everything from book clubs to science pubs.Their monthly events include activities like board games, speed dating, or "Nerderati" field trips.Ive Been Coming To teenchat since i was 13 and i come everyday.The Emo Room Is All Ways Talking And Never A Lag It Can Always Get A Laugh Out Of You Theres Alot Of Great People In There An So Many Friends and alot of hawt Guys.

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