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But the Sanauli recovery shows we were on par with them,” SK Manjul, director of Institute of Archaeology under the ASI, told The chariots are a lookalike of the ones found in contemporary cultures like Mesopotamia, with a solid wheel and no spokes.The royal burial pits, in addition to the chariots, also contain copper antenna swords, mirrors with copper, daggers and highly decorative coffin covers.In the 16th Century a Tudor house was built on the site.In 1884 it was purchased by George Villies who demolished the house and constructed the mock-Tudor building we see today.In terms of people from earth observing the stars, it looks like the constellations of the zodiac move counter-cyclical to the earth's motion around the sun.This journey over 25,765 years covers the 12 constellations of the sky with the sun rising on the vernal equinox in the same zodiac for approximately 2,150 years in each constellation.Since there is also a precession of the earth's axis, the equinox dates keep changing every year, and when seen from a stellar background the constellation in which the sun rises on the vernal equinox also keeps changing over a period of time.During the Vedic age, the vernal equinox is considered to have occurred in the month of Margashira (named after a star lambda orionis in the constellation of Orion).

Then Joseph has a dream warning him of impending famine. A famine hits the ENTIRE ancient world, that lasts for SEVEN years (and Egypt survives, as does likely the entire human race due to Prince Joseph's foresight).

Put together, all of this means that the society at the time was technologically advanced and had a sense of art, craft and aesthetic.‘Ay’ becomes ‘Ai’, ‘I’ becomes ‘Oi’, ‘A’ becomes ‘Eh’ and everything becomes a question.

Australian supermodel tries to teach three young adults how to speak ‘Ozzie’, with absolutely hilarious results.

The one in March 20 is considered the spring equinox and the September equinox is the vernal equinox.

The precession of the equinoxes refers to the precession of Earth's axis of rotation with respect to inertial space.

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