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It’s a disservice to themselves and their employers, and it betrays a completely different work ethic and relationship to work than what great employees want in coworkers.

She says that people who socialize, no matter how little work they do, get ahead regardless because they talk to everyone and network.

I don’t really like making small talk, and I’m usually a quiet person both in and out of work.

Despite my quietness, I am a very open person and when I do get talking I tend to reveal too much about myself.

In prior work experiences, I’ve learned the hard way that some people will take such information and use it against you if given the opportunity.

I’m also in a same sex relationship, which makes it harder to make small talk about my personal life, because I never know how coworkers will react to such information. Currently I’m working in a job where several of my coworkers and I sit in an open area with nothing to shield our desks from one another.

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