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The vicinity of Dighton Rock has been beautified and furnished with parking and picnic facilities.Although Mather described these as deeply cut, a statement which has been repeated to the present day, early reports suggested that this was not exactly the case.

So Richard Gere started staying at his property in Bedford, New York.

He definitely says that the "indentures are not very considerable," and his drawing and his other statements prove that he had as much difficulty in making out the real characters as has ever been experienced since then.

Even on the lowest part of the face, which alone does show evident signs of much wear, Mather's draughtsman, and Greenwood, and their next followers, were even less successful in making out apparent characters than have been some later observers.

She had been entangled in an acrimonious divorce battle with her third husband, actor Richard Gere since September 2013. Richard Gere had known Carey Lowell since 1989 when she had starred in the film ‘License to kill Bond’.

He divorced his wife of 4 years, supermodel Cindy Crawford in 1995. After 7 years of courtship, the two married in 2002 in a secret ceremony.

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