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During this time I decide to begin dating again so I checked out some online sites.

To my very pleasant surprise I found my college sweetheart Jamie on one of them. Now Jamie doesn't have supermodel looks, but she does have a killer body.

She would start by pointing out something that I had nothing to do with and then some how blame me for it.

The 'If you were home more this wouldn't happen.' or 'We need you here and not gallivanting all over the country.' She did have a point, it just took me a while to realize it.

This was my first attempt at writing a story about a cheating wife and though some people liked the premises of the story , many more found the end unsatisfying.

So I rewrote some of the story, the bulk of the which remains the same though I did correct a few errors.

I added quite a bit to the ending and hope you enjoy it.

Again any and all comments are welcomed, it's the only way I can become a better writer.

Sipping my vodka I feel the liquid burn as I swallow, just as my memories do of the last several weeks. You see six weeks ago I discovered my wife of the last 12 years was having an affair. I knew then I loved her but didn't want her to marry me while I was going to be stationed to God knows where. So five years later after finishing my stint I came home and with in a few weeks landed a good job with a very large company in their sales group.I should have seen at that time there was trouble brewing but I loved and trusted my wife completely so I was blind to the first hints of a problem.The first clue was us fighting about trivial things when I got back home.I signed up as fast as I could and contact her immediately.It wasn't until a week later she responded asking where the hell had I been and why I hadn't called or at least emailed her over the last five years.

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