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deals with the years of the Great War, 1914-18, and is usually singled out as the strongest of the five series.

There's quite a commotion downstairs but, when the staff complain, Hazel urges calm.

Spellings of names in these cases is sometimes uncertain! All the Factfiile notes are drawn from what was actually shown on the screen – additional or contradictory material from the novelisations (etc.) is not included. carried dates for some of the episodes in this season – most of these were demonstrably wrong!

All timings are from the UK DVDs of the show as released by Network – these will vary slightly on other releases of the show (e.g. Please see the Factfiles for, I hope, correct dating.

Any comments/additions, please email me (address in pink on the front page).

Thanks to all those who have contributed goofs and observations to the Factfiles.

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