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(October 9) Israel’s universities are complicit in the “occupation” and should be boycotted.

(October 5) Hamas Does not use Schools as Civilian Shields.

(July 19) Israel is creating a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

(July 13) LGBT Palestinians enjoy the same rights as Israelis.

(May 11) The Palestinian Authority does not pay terrorists.All evidence to this point suggests that a Palestinian state would be yet another autocratic one that denies its people human and civil rights Americans take for granted.Worse, it is likely a Palestinian state will become an autocratic theocracy similar to Saudi Arabia or another radical Islamic regime modeled after Iran.(June 28) Gazan protestors should be entitled to return to their homes in "Palestine." (June 21) Israel shoots protestors rather than using non-lethal riot control methods.(June 14) Israelis have plenty of time to prepare for rocket attacks. (April 13) Israel's response to the Gaza protests is unreasonable.

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