Is jesse mccartney dating someone

Either we're in a portal straight to 2004, or this guy is forever frozen in time.Jesse Mc Cartney dropped a new song and it's like nothing has changed, which is incredible news for his original fans from back in the day.Not only does the singer look like a spitting image of his 16-year-old self (only with a new haircut), he sounds like him too.Mc Cartney is making more than a comeback — he's making it quite a time to be alive.I just finished up to get my diploma, then came back to walk with my class then came back to L. I didn’t go to my prom only because my girlfriend at the time, her prom was on the same day and she lived in L. and I’d been in LA for about a year and I was like “Well I don’t need to really go to my prom” so I went to hers instead. I really feel like I just need to kind of recharge the record a little bit. I’ve met him several times and I actually did a cover of one of his songs that was just sort of a fluke online. So I did do the prom thing but not at my high school. A whole other album is a whole other vision and a whole other package and it’s like a lot of energy and I’m not ready to do a whole new record yet. I usually at least collaborate with the director in most videos to try to come up with the concept. Maybe I want a sort of dance to this record, like a "Soulja Boy" type thing maybe. "A song is supposed to do what a movie is supposed to do.It's supposed to make you laugh, it's supposed to make you cry," he told .

But, it's always fun to see which non-Disney celebs your faves dated or are currently dating.Chart-topping pop singer Jesse Mc Cartney stopped by our office the other day and we heard that he did not think he was “cool enough” for PAPER. She and I toured together last summer and I just talked to her a couple weeks ago and I had a couple songs I wrote that I think she’d be awesome recording. I feel like I’m about to land this summer with the release of this song. I don’t know that I feel older than an average 22-year-old.Though his pop tunes might not be on all of our i Pods, it’s certainly on some (cough –“Beautiful Soul” –cough cough) and we were all excited to meet him in person. I think I need to and have to tap into the 22-year-old every once in a while. I don’t want to rush myself to be this other guy, this older person.We caught up over the phone and chatted about his re-release of last summer’s hit record Well actually most of my friends I grew up with are all away at school, speckled around the country, which is still cool because whenever I’m traveling I can look at my phone book and be like “Oh yeah Ross goes to school in Indiana.” But in New York, I still have family there and a lot of musician friends and stuff so it’s cool. It wasn’t a huge commitment for me when I was younger. I just finished up in the studio writing for Toni Braxton. I’ve been to a couple frat parties over the last four years and that’s just ridiculous. I’m usually in and out of the city and I’m like “Hey you wanna grab a quick bite? I had rehearsals at night, I would perform maybe on the weekends at these community hall performances and go to school ‘cause I was in the public school system and had to keep up with my work at the same time. during senior year, so I kind of missed senior year of high school.

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