Intj intj dating

I think Nietzsche’s tone of angst and intelligence resonates easily with some people - there’s probably an overlap with people who found Holden Caulfield’s voice to resonate with them.Nietzsche’s dislike of society, his brazen arrogance (or completely justified feeling of superiority), and complexity of thought….

I was fascinated to sit across from such a highly intelligent and beautiful person who I have so much in common with on one hand, yet at the same time have zero chemistry due to different perspectives on the world. How do you two grow together with classic-INTJ stubbornness?Living in a big city versus living five miles from a small town, as an example – that’s not something easily compromised on.I don’t believe in dating hot women they’re hot, our fundamental values have to align.Most INTJs will view any situation from multiple perspectives, second guess themselves, ponder alternatives, and reluctantly commit.Personally, the moment I commit to a conviction, I find myself picking it apart, mostly because I don't want to be embarrassed later by what I've just proclaimed.

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