Intimidating dog

He’s originally from Madagascar and has been portrayed on a postage stamp there, and considering he has risen 37 spots in the last decade, perhaps we’ll be seeing a U. They’re known as excellent tree dogs and hunt a variety of animals of all sizes.

He’s a classic gentle giant, but the imposing Mastiff can also have a stubborn streak, which can be troublesome with a dog his size.

They need moderate exercise and can excel at dog sports like agility, drafting, herding, rally and tracking.

Originally bred to hunt wolves in Britain and Ireland, the Irish Wolfhound is not as ferocious as he sounds (or looks).

He’s a lover, not a fighter, but he will step in to protect his family if needed.

The results included a plethora of designer mixes and about 800 pounds of giant breeds, plus a few surprises. And on the other side of the coin, check out our gallery of 20 breeds and mixes that are losing popularity, from the Schipperke to the Dalmatian.

The Havanese is a bright and lively little dog who’s always ready to play, especially when it’s a game he has created.

He’s trainable and loves to be pampered, and clearly, his people are happy to do so since he’s No. The small, white, fluffy Coton de Tulear is very sociable and friendly but also makes a good watchdog. There are four types of Curs acknowledged by the United Kennel Club: Blackmouth, as seen previously, Mountain, Stephens’ and Treeing.

Known to be mellow and patient, Bernese Mountain Dogs can be excellent therapy dogs.

But Berners, which can weigh up to 120 pounds, are not couch potatoes.

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