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In fact, it can often make things worse all around – for them come – and it always does – it becomes pretty obvious that someone’s been sticking around despite desperately wanting to leave.There’s nothing that can ensure a swift, decisive kick to your soul’s nuts like finding out your snugglebunny has been dying inside for the last two months, four months, year, what-have you.

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The thing is, just sticking around doesn’t mean you’re a better person.

Like many nerdy people, my hobbies don’t bring me in to social circles which contain a lot of women, so, dating has always been an uphill battle.

Repeated rejection really wore down my sense of self-worth, and had me totally convinced that I was totally undateable.

And nine times out of ten, what they’re asking for is permission to break up with their significant other…

because they can’t manage to convince themselves that they need to.

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