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No institution is too big or too small to have an opinion on safety, so come and share your ideas and learn what colleagues are doing to keep their young guests and staff safe.Vito Gioia, Jr., Kohl Children’s Museum of Greater Chicago Callahan Walsh, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Douglas Tilton, The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire Kindness: An Approach to Professional Learning Can kindness be a learning process?Presenters will share how they “tweaked” this tool to provide an entirely new way to think about children’s museum exhibit development!Share, brainstorm, and go home with the resources you need to ramp up exhibits with new partnerships, research-based credibility, and a recipe for the power of play!Presenters will share how they co-created a project with therapists, advocates, and families in the autism community to support families affected by autism.They will share resources, ideas, and stories about how their work has helped families during museum visits and generated positive change in the museums.

In this session, presenters will share what they have done to measure impact and how you might start to measure your own.Sarah Pratt, Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum (moderator)Daniel Stromberg, Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum Michelle Kortenaar, Sciencenter Rachel Evans, Omaha Children’s Museum Sarah Cohn, Aurora Consulting Keeping Everybody Safe In this fishbowl-style session, each presenter will address a specific topic in regard to safety within children's museums, from policy implementation and protocols to training engagement and working with outside agencies.Each conversation will provide the opportunity for audience input, as attendees come and go from the circle.This session will provide foundational information on gender constructs and expression.Through interactive exercises, attendees will increase their familiarity with gender-inclusive language, including practicing pronouns.

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