Going from good friends to dating Fuck chatlines

So if you hang out with her hoping she changes her mind, then do so but let her pay her way. She wants you on the other side of the table and just want to laugh, have fun, and not think about dating, or progressing. How do you think you will feel in 3 months if she says "we've just become too good of friends, I don't want to ruin what we have.Because she doesn't want to do the whole progression things. Oh by the way, I have this date tomorrow with this really hot guy.That's how I responded the way I did, and when that happens, the "girl" feels pressured for "more" and it..not a happy ending. If you don't feel you can be genuine and be her friend, you'd be better off finding someone else. She may have others on the string and has not made up her mind about you.However she just may not be into you for whatever reason.Self confidence, a little bit of bad boy and strong character. Go for it, talk to her and for God's sake grab her chin and KISS HER! Don't call her or text, let her do the work/effort.I've told a lot of girls I only wanted to be friends, cause I wasn't attracted to them physically. Maybe 1 day she gets dumped/horny/lonely....calls u....b INGO!!!

so, if you can do that, I'd suggest continuing on as a friend for the moment with this young lady.I think the fact that she said "most of my dates are terrible" is quite telling. EVEN IF she is interested in you (and I think she is), she just isn't going to want to rush into things.That means she's probably gotten to the point that she doesn't trust her own judgment and therefore (based on past experience) she also expects YOU to be terrible in some way that she hasn't had a chance to discover yet. Go ahead and ask her out again, but let her set the pace. Smart of her to at least recognize her own limitations.I also would not be paying for any outings if she has friendzoned you and it seems she has. Will you see it as waiting or just enjoying each others company?That hardly ever changes no matter what amount of time goes by but we cant really say as we are not you. She just wants to go out and have a laugh with you. Are you willing to give up complete control over everything based on her wanting you to be her friend, according to her whims that may or may not change?

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